Health and Wellness

Over the last couple months we have gotten a lot of questions from those who follow us on Instagram about health, training and wellness. We have spent a lot of time studying the latest research from Harvard Medical School and the top researchers on Anti-Aging and health. The new information is astounding!

We have now compiled a lof the information and want to share it with you.
There are 4 parts to increasing your health and lifespan, most pretty simple:

1. Eat healthy
Now, this is a loaded subject, what does eating healthy mean. There are studies showing that different types of diets have different effects on your body, like the Mediterranean diet that has proved effective for longevity. In the end, the most important thing is that you avoid excess, not too much suger, less processed foods etc.
Vegetables is basically the universal answer ;)

2. Train and keep to a healthy weight
By eating healthy, training and staying at your ideal weight you solve at least 80% of the age related illnesses according to Dr. Mark Hymann.
Again, you don’t have to go crazy with it, just be smart about getting exercise.

3. Sleep
Getting enough sleep is extremely important – for all the obvious reasons!

4. Supplements
According to Dr. Mark Hymann and Dr. David Sinclair, if you follow the first three steps you will get 80-95% of all the health benefits needed for longevity. The last 5-20% are about giving your body the extra boost of certain nutrients, minerals and supplements to work at peak proficiency.
This list here has all the supplements I take (that does not mean it is right for you, do your own research!) and where I buy them:
This is my own list for my own use so take it for what it is. The prices listed are in SEK e.g. swedish krona (as I live in sweden, this makes sense to me).

If you want to jump on a call and discuss health and wellness our business partner Thim Öhman is happy to get on a call with you, answer questions and help you get access to blood tests to see how you are doing right now and get started with supplements that can help you improve your health, energy and well-being: